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hello guys!!!!

today, @star_ohmynews uploaded a lot of exo with kids preview!!!!
and here, i made a zip for that, hope u enjoy it!



Welcome back

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it has been a long time since i posted something here xxx

i forget my password and also the email (pls insert an orz emoji here)
well basically i'm a forgetful person heheheeee

the last time when i posted something here, it was kamen rider and also jirayu thingy but hey i found a new idol lol (not too new tbh)
as u know, i already a kpopers since i was in 8th grade

and tadaaaaa! i love exo now especially chen hehehehe

it's not time to tell u how much i love exo, but now i'll tell u about my school!



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kyaaaaaaaaaaaa i just bought some novels an haours ago.
1st novel is "truth or dare" by Winna Efendi & Yoana Dianika
2nd novel is "beautifu mistake" by Sefryana Khairil & Prisca Primasari


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hey i just met my friends n we took some pictures. lets see how cute we are xxxx!!^^


i'm back!

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long time no see blog! i miss you so damn much xxx

btw, i've a lot of things that i wanna share here, but i think it's to "public" so i just share seperlunnya ajah wakakakak.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm yg pertama tentang sekolah baru gue.
sekarang gue udah jadi anak SMA dong, xixixiiii. tp sesungguhnya kehidupan SMA itu sangat amat kejam. tiap hari ada tugas. ibaratnya mah, "everyday i got task" uh so tired! u go to school at 7am and come back to home at 4pm. it's so fucking tired. apalagi temen-temennya.......... beuh udah kaya disinetron aja. ada yg jahat, baik, polos, dll. tp kalo kelas gue sih di dominasi sama org yg muka 2 (mungkin gue termasuk). mereka tuh yah ish gitu deh pokoknya!

udah lah cape. bye!


10 Binatang Yang Hampir Punah

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Ice City!!!

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